Pest Management

Remove the bugs from your home right away.

Pest Management


We eradicate wood-eating insects quickly.



We'll remove critters from your home safely.



Handle the problem before it spreads.


Don't Let Termites Eat Away at Your Home

We offer termite removal in Amelia, Milford, Clermont, Brown and Hamilton County, OH and surrounding areas

Keep Bugs Away With Elite Pest Management

Call a pest control pro in Amelia, Milford, Clermont, Brown and Hamilton County OH and the surrounding area

Elite Pest Management, LLC is a pest and wildlife removal expert in Amelia & Milford, OH. Our family-owned business has been around for decades, so we have the experience to tend to all your pest control needs.

If you're on the hunt for an effective and affordable pest management solution, reach out to us today. We'll exterminate bugs and remove wildlife while keeping money in your pocket.
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Call 513-673-2685 today to schedule an appointment for pest control in the Amelia, Milford, Clermont, Brown and Hamilton County OH area.

5 signs it's time to call a pest management expert

If you struggle to keep insects or critters out of your living quarters, you need a professional pest control team to remove them permanently. Here are five signs you need to call Elite Pest Management for pest control:


You have a recurring ant issue.


You find stink bugs all over your home.


You have mice or squirrels in your walls.


You suspect you have a termite problem.


You have a bee or wasp nest near your home.